Platform & Roadmap


Status & Roadmap

Platform development is well underway. By 2019, early adopters will have FOLIO running in their libraries.

Phase 1: Alpha Release

The alpha version was released in January 2018. Beta partners will implement and test the version in order to release the beta version in early 2019.

Phase 2: Platform Releases

Code is released early and often. The beta will roll out in early 2019. The community can implement the platform, give feedback and follow development progress.

Phase 3: FOLIO Running in Libraries

By early 2019, it is expected that at least three libraries will have implemented FOLIO as their library services platform.

Phase 4: Early Implementers

Eleven libraries plan to implement FOLIO in 2019. Improvements will occur frequently, based on feedback from early adopters. View the Early Implementers

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The Platform

FOLIO is an innovative platform, where applications will support traditional resource management functionality as well as extend into new areas.

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Applications easily connect to each other, so you can choose applications, develop, or adjust workflows. Any vendor or library may contribute applications as open source or for-fee.


Choose whether to implement and host the platform on premises or through a vendor. Create and enhance applications at your institution or with a vendor to meet your needs.


FOLIO can be integrated with a myriad of applications within and outside of your institution such as university enterprise systems, institutional repositories, research management, discovery and more.

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