Vendors have the unique opportunity to offer a package of services and support to libraries who adopt the FOLIO platform. Vendors may also contribute developers to the project, connect existing software or build apps that integrate with the platform.

Offer hosting, support and maintenance

Some libraries who implement FOLIO will choose a service provider, since implementing FOLIO will be labor- and time-intensive. Vendors support the project by providing hosting and maintenance services for the open source platform.

Support Services

Since it is open source, FOLIO will rely on vendors to provide support services to libraries. Since FOLIO is about choice, we envision multiple vendors offering support plans for the platform. All vendors who will offer services will be listed on the website.

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Create an app

FOLIO is unique in that it will offer choice to libraries. While the core development team is building out core apps to run a library, vendors can contribute their own core apps (like circulation and acquisitions), or add new apps that will add functionality and extend what libraries can do with the platform (like institutional repositories and data research management). New apps can be open source or for a fee. All vendors who contribute apps to the platform will be listed on the website.

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Add your knowledgebase

FOLIO is unique in that it will offer choice to libraries. Through open APIs, the platform will be able to connect to multiple knowledgebases so that libraries can have access to all their information in one place.

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Project wiki

To learn more about FOLIO development, visit the wiki. The wiki serves at the central information center for Special Interest Groups (SIGs), which are comprised of subject matter experts and product owners. Each SIG has its own space, with information on what it does. SIGs also store documents on the wiki, including meeting agendas, minutes and recordings from meetings, and links to upcoming meetings.

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