Librarians involved in the FOLIO project contribute their expertise as subject matter experts. As the primary users of the platform, the project depends on librarians’ skills and experience to guide the development and design processes.

Wiki: Your communication space

The wiki serves at the central information center for Special Interest Groups (SIGs), which are comprised of subject matter experts and product owners. Each SIG has its own space, with information on what it does. SIGs also store documents on the wiki, including meeting agendas, minutes and recordings from meetings, and links to upcoming meetings.

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Community updates

The FOLIO Community Outreach Committee sends out updates twice a month. Information includes news items and upcoming events and webinars.

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All code for FOLIO is stored on GitHub. FOLIO offers a beginner’s guide to its repository on GitHub.

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FOLIO’s code repository can be accessed on GitHub.


When SIG members discover issues in the code or UX design, they report it JIRA, where it gets logged and tracked by members of the development team.

Discuss with Discourse

While project developers chat in real time on Slack, Discourse is a space to ask larger questions, record discussions and seek community input. Bigger items that bubble up from chats on Slack are brought here for more in depth discussions.

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