Developers and UX designers in the FOLIO project work in close collaboration with librarians and vendors. Using an agile development process, developers build out the platform and modules and ensure compatibility between all the components.

FOLIO Developer

This site helps developers get started. It brings together the documentation and links that software developers will need to participate in the software development for the FOLIO project.

Getting Started

There is a section in FOLIO Documentation that includes information on getting started in GitHub. Start here for an introduction to the source code and the developer community.

Build with GitHub

The FOLIO platform consists of both server-side and client-side components, and will grow to include library services that run on the platform as modules. Several repositories in the folio-org GitHub organization host the core project code.

Chat real time with Slack

Check out FOLIO’s Slack channels to post and read real time questions and answers related to the project and get to know other developers working on the project.

Request access

To join FOLIO’s Slack channel, you must register.

Asynchronous discussion with Discourse

This is a space to ask larger questions, record discussions and seek community input. Bigger items that bubble up from chats on Slack are brought here for more in depth discussions.


All issues in the code are reported and tracked using JIRA.

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