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Vendors and libraries come together to reimagine library technology.

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The collective FOLIO community is quintessential to developing technologies that meet the unique functional needs of each library today, while positioning libraries to grow and evolve into the future. FOLIO uniquely fosters deep collaboration across and within libraries and vendors in order to share understanding and to instantiate, promote, facilitate, deliver and sustain a modern approach to library technology infrastructure.

Participants in the FOLIO community function as peers, each having a particular role and expertise to bring to the collaboration, such as:

Some FOLIO Community Participants Role in the Community
Libraries Guiding, Discussing, Developing, Collaborating
OLE Organizing, Community-Building, Developing
Index Data Listening, Developing, Providing Seed Code, Managing Code Releases
EBSCO Funding, Ensuring, Integrating, Hosting, Supporting, Sustaining
ByWater Supporting, Hosting, Sustaining
BiblioLabs Integrating, Developing, Sustaining
SirsiDynix Integrating, Hosting, Supporting, Sustaining
Many Others (all welcome) Each is Unique – all participation will go toward Sustaining the project

FOLIO represents a true partnership between libraries and vendors in which we are each making real substantive contributions based on our unique strengths. With FOLIO, the future is open: open to new relationships, open to true collaboration, and open to capacities that will enable libraries to achieve our mission of service to users. For the first time, libraries will be not only customers but investors with vendor partners in defining the future of library systems.

David Carlson, Dean of University Libraries, Texas A&M University

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