The future of libraries is


A community collaboration to develop an open source Library Services Platform (LSP) designed for innovation.

Collaboration: the future of libraries is open

A new collaboration.

The library community is joining in partnership to innovate, develop a new open source library services platform and transform library technology.

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Library Services Platform: the future of libraries is open

A new platform.

The FOLIO platform is extensible at its core, supporting traditional resource management functionality, but focused on the ability to deliver new services

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Help us build the applications

Together we will build applications that will support library needs today and in the future.

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These are our goals:

  1. 1.To create a space where the library community can come together to innovate, have a conversation and consider the needs and ambitions of libraries
  2. 2.To leverage open source in a way that lowers what libraries spend on systems and support
  3. 3.To improve products by increasing library involvement in development
  4. 4.To bring more choices to libraries based on their particular needs

Open source as a service

The FOLIO platform can be hosted on premise or via a number of service providers that will offer hosting and professional services.

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Library Services Platform: news and updates


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